Fournisseur Pâtisserie et Savoir Faire du Groupe Routhiau



Dessert specialists, the Routhiau Group Pastry Chefs are extremely meticulous in their every gesture and are particularly careful when it comes to the presentation of their creations.
Precise movements, qualified and exacting staff: in pastry making, these qualities are essential.


A sweet recipe specialist, the Pastry Chef also makes savoury products (tarts, etc.).
Our pastry chefs are always looking for subtle combinations of flavours, textures, colours and shapes to surprise our gourmet customers!
They develop new recipes to match the expectations of our customers and their imagination.




The ingredients that we use are selected first and foremost for their quality.
We want to develop pastry products with simple and natural ingredients.

Every day, the Pastry Chef chooses ingredients and materials from his suppliers.
A key role in the organisation, he makes pastry products using his perfect knowledge of recipes and techniques, complying with hygiene and food safety regulations.


SavoirFairePatissier brioche