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Every day, the Catering expertise of Jean Routhiau and Les Trois d'Asie guarantees the quality and regularity of their different products.

At the Routhiau Group, we pay particular attention to the selection of ingredients that are both simple and noble.
We prepare our products with great respect for tradition and expertise. Finally, we take great care to ensure the visual appearance of our products.
Because a successful product is also a good looking product, with an attractive appearance.​



At Jean Routhiau and Les Trois d'Asie, our qualified Caterers assess the requirements of our customers every day and develop solutions adapted to their problems.

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Every day, our professionals make food in the culinary workshops that have cutting-edge cooking, manufacturing and refrigerating tools.
Our Caterers are masters of culinary techniques and set themselves apart with their ability to be gourmets and gastronomes with a passion for flavour, imagination and an organised approach.

Their constant attention to the hygiene of the premises and the equipment is essential to preserve the freshness and quality of the food.