engagement quotidienA RIGOROUS APPROACH

Our absolute priority is consumers' safety, ensured by:

- The constant vigilance and competence of our staff. We consider the professionalism of our teams of the highest importance. The development and enhancement of each person's skills is crucial. As a result, our teams undergo regular internal training on good practices.

- Investment in technology (detection equipment, automation and computerisation)

Jean Routhiau has developed food safety and hygiene measures based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method at all levels in the production of its products, to avoid all risks and guarantee their safety. A multidisciplinary specialist team is in charge of constantly updating and optimising these measures.




(Audit carried out by Isacert)

The IFS (International Food Standard) is a European reference that certifies distributor brand food suppliers. It was defined by German, French and Italian distributors. This reference applies to suppliers at every stage of food processing, and serves as a standard for the certification of systems, in order to guarantee food safety and the quality of food production.

Jean Routhiau has been IFS-certified since 2006, Tendance Créative since 2011 and Simplement Végétal since 2014. Our companies consolidate their commitments through a quality management and continuous improvement strategy. By proving our transparency and well-controlled processes, we increase our customers' confidence.

Jean Routhiau's IFS certificate       Tendance Créative's IFS certificate          Simplement Végétal's IFS certificate

BRC Food Certified LogoBRC Certification
(Audit carried out by Isacert)

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a reference specific to the British market. It enables us to consolidate the rigorous standards and high quality work of all our staff members in order to meet our customers' requirements in terms of traceability and health risk prevention.

Jean Routhiau and Tendance Créative have been BRC-certified since 2014.

Certificat BRC Jean Routhiau    Certificat BRC Tendance Créative



We have made a commitment to constantly improve our performances. Our companies have adopted a QSE (quality/safety/environmental) policy.

We control the quality and legitimacy of our products:

- through the rigorous selection of raw materials and ingredients (no GMOs, no ionised substances, the limitation of allergens and food additives to the strict minimum) and their monitoring (controls, supplier audits and so on)

- through our desire for continuous improvement, based on listening to our customers, a constant search for solutions, internal audits and quality management reviews

engagement_etape22__055005300_1041_15052014PANEL OF EXPERTS:

Thanks to a panel of experts especially trained to monitor the sensorial characteristics of products, we maintain the optimum quality and legitimacy of our products.

pqsplus__018606800_0919_11062014"PQS +" APPROACH:

Thanks to our PQS+ ("Plan Qualité Sérénité Plus") approach, we ensure good manufacturing practices:

  • With our "red caps": staff who guarantee good practices in their workshop/zone.
  • PQS+ check-lists summarising the important, essential points in terms of traceability/storage/cleanliness/good practices, etc. in each workshop. Compliance with the requirements of each check-list is checked periodically, depending on the risk level.


Our products are rigorously controlled. If? for reasons beyond our control, they do not entirely satisfy you, please contact our call centre advisers.

If you have any complaints, please indicate the production batch number (which you will find on the packaging).

To contact our Consumer Department, please fill in the contact form, by clicking here, or telephone our teams on 02 51 42 70


Each unit sold has a batch number. With each batch number, we know the origin of the raw materials used, the production conditions (quality controls) and final destination.

The CAPM (computer assisted production management) system guarantees total traceability of our flows and processes between the upstream stage (suppliers) and downstream stage (customers), together with the control of and compliance with our recipes.

Manger Bouger PNNSIn 2008, Jean Routhiau introduced an ambitious project, with the aim of creating an internal nutritional charter responding to our customers' nutritional concerns, as part of France's PNNS (national health and nutrition programme).

The most recent work has involved setting up a nutritional value calculation tool for our products starting at the recipe design stage.

We have also introduced a plan for reducing the salt content of our products.

We have always limited the quantity of nitrites used in our confit and cooked meats. We use quantities well below those authorised by regulations.

For your health, you should practice a regular physical activity:

We have made a commitment to protect the environment because we think it crucial to preserve nature and the people around us.

We take action in this respect:

  • by reducing the waste we produce
  • by regularly sorting and recycling our packaging:
    The packaging of our products may contain sorting instructions. You can find out more at:


consigne tri

  • by controlling our water and energy consumption
  • ​by raising awareness in all our staff

engagement_etape7__088370000_1041_15052014We have always made health and safety at work a priority for our employees.

Our main goal is the constant search for constant and enduring improvement in this area.

Our action is based on the conviction and observation that all our accidents could be avoided through suitable organisation and behaviour, which also includes searching for effective equipment and good material conditions.

Our safety policy is based on the "Sécurité +" system:

  • Prevention through risk analysis with support from our teams: members of the CHSCT (Hygiene, Safety and Working Conditions Committee), safety wardens, operators, and so on
  • Individual training, which provides skills
  • Each person's compliance with regulations and procedures
  • Dialogue and communication, particularly through team meetings
  • An effective analysis of our accidents and incidents to avoid their repetition

We are committed to developing a safety-oriented attitude at Jean Routhiau, Tendance Créative and Simplement Végétal.

Our participation in the approach promoted by TMS PROS 

(an occupational musculoskeletal disorder programme for companies) illustrates our commitment and perseverance in terms of constantly improving our safety performance.

TMS pros