Charcuterie products

Jean Routhiau meets the requirements of caterers and consumers with a wide range of charcuterie and cooked meats.

Our whole pieces can be cut with knife and slicer alike with maximum ease, which makes them extremely convenient. The same goes for our culinary aids.

In sandwiches, for reception appetizers, starters or even in dishes, Jean Routhiau cooked cold cuts and meats are used according to your wishes and meet all your needs.


The preparation of our meats

All poultry and beef charcuterie products are seasoned and marinated, slowly and delicately, to ensure that all the flavours deeply penetrate the meat fibre before cooking. 



Our meats are roasted in the oven to give them a well-browned appearance. They are tender inside and well roasted on the outside.



Our duck specialities are smoked with beech wood, making for a smoky flavour in well-browned meats that are tender on the inside.

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Incomparable juiciness

The Jean Routhiau cooked meats range reflects the current taste for flavoursome products with a fibrous texture that are easy to use. You will love the convenience and high quality of our range, whether for hot or cold meals.