Samosa with confit duck -

Samosa with confit duck

Preparation : 15min

Cooking : 10min


For 1 samosa

  • 15gr of confit duck
  • 1/2 brik pastry sheet
  • 5gr tomato / courgette purée


  • Arrange the tomato / courgette purée and confit duck on the brik pastry sheet
  • Folt the brik pastry sheet over to create a triangle
  • Brown in a frying pan

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Make a compote of tomatoes and diced courgettes and season well as this will flavour the shredded duck. Then fill the brik pastry sheets, fold into triangles and pan-fry to make these samosas that you can serve as tapas. Inside, the filling will be soft and crunchy.

Hubert - culinary advisor Routhiau Group