Savoury fine tarts, double-ham-filled croque-monsieur, ... the range of Tendance Créative appetizers is ideal for a snack or a quick lunch with a green salad.


Quality selection

At Tendance Créative, ingredients are selected for their quality. We use fresh, local raw materials.

Tarte fine pdt carotte courg-min


For a successful tart, the pastry needs to be perfect! At Tendance Créative, we make our own ultra-fine puff pastry. Our in-house feuilletage technique ensures that our pastry, made with 33% pure butter, is incomparably tasty and crisp.



Our kebabs, fine tarts, cocktail carpaccios and soufflé toasties are assembled by hand, using expert craft techniques.

5412 - Croque monsieur souffle-min


Our soufflé toasties are incomparably soft and appetising, thanks to a creamy mixture made of 100% French ingredients. Our savoury fine tarts become deliciously golden brown, with unrivalled crispness, in a few minutes in a traditional oven.