The delicious appeal of old-fashioned desserts... Tendance Créative revisits the desserts of childhood: brioche French toast, chocolate mousse, sticky chocolate cake, and more.

Matieres TC

Top-quality selection

With Tendance Créative, the chocolate we use for our mousses and sticky cake is dark chocolate guaranteed 59% cacao, imported from West Africa. The fresh eggs used for our desserts respect animal welfare: 100 % of Tendance Créative desserts are produced with free-range eggs.



We use our patented production process to soak our brioche slices in a mixture of eggs, cream and vanilla, ensuring incomparable tenderness combined with the flavour of the famous Vendée brioche: a local, traditionally-made speciality.

melange TC


To make its chocolate mousse, Tendance Créative carefully mixes melted chocolate with cream and egg yolks before adding the whipped egg whites. To ring the changes, Tendance Créative has dreamed up variants with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and so on.

Dosage TC


In both their mini and maxi versions, our mouth-watering desserts are popular with everybody. According to your requirements, we can design formats and adapt our expertise: variable proportions from mini to maxi sizes, and packaging to suit particular sales networks.

Moelleux TC

Organoleptic properties

Made in the Vendée, Tendance Créative desserts contain no colouring, preservatives or artificial flavouring. They are made of 100% delicious natural ingredients, and have an ideal texture and hold.