Veggie prepared dishes

Simplement Végétal has four prepared recipes that are all about the pleasure of “eating WELL and HEALTHY”. They are traditional dishes that have been updated to be all veggie with plant-based proteins.

Chili Veggie 3 HD

Good food every day!

Simplement Végétal has a range of prepared dishes with rich and varied flavours.

Our ready-to-eat meals simply need to be reheated so you can enjoy all your favourite recipes.

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Certified products

Our prepared dishes are free of artificial flavourings and are certified vegetarian (without meat products) or vegan (without animal products). This is key for consumers to know quickly and easily that our range suits their dietary restrictions.

6615 Hachis Veggie 2

Tasty and healthy food

A range of protein-rich recipes that are both tasty and healthy for vegetable lovers, created in our kitchens in Vendée, France.