As culinary aids or side dishes for proteins, cooked vegetables give appealing freshness to our dishes. Simplement Végétal likes to dream up recipes that sparkle in terms of both colour and flavour...



With diced, tagliatelle, simmered, julienne and crushed vegetables, we have an infinite range of cutting techniques! Simplement Végétal's secret of success also lies in its specific cutting methods. Our cooks tailor these techniques to the ideal taste and presentation of the vegetables.



Our vegetables are cooked in large pans with Noirmoutier salt, olive oil or butter.



Vacuum cooked in bags or cartons, Simplement Végétal's vegetables are pasteurised to guarantee their safety as food and ensure a perfectly controlled texture and taste.

6518 Mogette Vendée hd-min

Organoleptic properties

Simplement Végétal's side dishes, such as "mogette de Vendée" beans, are tender. All our vegetable are cooked naturally, without preservatives, colouring or added flavouring, to preserve their delicious taste intact.