Pre-stuffed poultry

Jean Routhiau's staff are keen to provide you with the very best stuffed poultry. With their long daily experience, our poultry butchers aim for nothing less than excellence!



Jean Routhiau draws on tried and tested expertise. Our birds are prepared by poultry butchers. Before being stuffed, our meats are partially or entirely boned for optimum production and easier stuffing.

Charcuterie farces

The preparation of stuffings

Jean Routhiau's butchers make excellent quality "gros grains" stuffings, where each fine ingredient can be appreciated. These ingredients (trimmings, meat fat and seasoning) are rigorously selected to guarantee optimum quality.

faconnage 4


Our stuffed products are prepared with meticulous care and precision. Our meats, processed by a team of traditional poultry butchers well-versed in good practices, are stuffed and tied by hand for family-sized products, or made into convenient individual portions.


High quality stuffed meats

Thanks to expertise passed down through the generations, the techniques of our experts and our carefully selected, top-quality ingredients, our stuffed meats have delicate flavours and a firm yet tender texture that make them truly delicious.