Cooked meats

Whether cooked in their juices or preserved in duck fat, Jean Routhiau's traditionally cooked meats have made the brand a genuine institution in terms of both culinary aids and anatomical parts.

la sélection rigoureuse

Rigorous selection

A good dish starts with rigorously selected ingredients. With Jean Routhiau, we select choice pieces for our meats, and use the meat juices produced to create our sauces.



As our butchers will tell you, good meat requires time. During cooking, of course, but beforehand as well, during the maturing process - everything is a question of time. Our meats are matured and then cooked for several hours.



Jean Routhiau confit meats are cooked using the traditional method of confisage, in duck fat especially selected for its organoleptic properties. All the qualities of our confit meats are preserved through vacuum packing.

4295 NJP oignon vin blanc-min

Sauce production

Cooking based on good sense is always the best kind! At Jean Routhiau, the cooking juices are used to make our sauces.


Simmered dishes

Our cooked meats and ready dishes require long, gentle cooking at a low temperature. We lavish care on this traditional type of cooking, which makes our meats incomparably tender and juicy.