A forerunner in the beef carpaccio market with a patented presentation and use process (patent no. 9906742 of 25/05/1999), Jean Routhiau has been proving its inimitable skills for over 17 years. Jean Routhiau's carpaccios are a winning combination of sunshine and the good life!


The selection of the best muscle

Our meat suppliers are controlled for the hygiene and quality. Our carpaccios are prepared from 100% pure beef muscle taken from the hindquarters, like the outside eye and outside flat, or from the forequarters, like shoulder of beef.


Dressing our meats

Its shape makes the outside eye the ideal piece for producing attractive carpaccio slices. The meat in our carpaccios is prepared in advance and cut by our qualified butchers, who select the very best with an expert eye.


Extraordinarily fine cutting

With their incomparable thinness (less than 1 mm thick), Jean Routhiau carpaccio slices provide a dish of unrivalled tenderness, and are quick and easy to use.



Carpaccios can be customised in different forms. We can arrange our carpaccio slices according to our customers' requirements: our technology enables us to present carpaccio in many different ways, including a cocktail version with extracts of basil, individual slices, and plate formats.