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Groupe Routhiau

The Routhiau Group: key dates


  • 1978 Jean routhiau

Jean Routhiau launched into the venture of a lifetime. With two other people, he created the company that bears his name, specialising in poultry-based products (cooked meats): an area that Jean Routhiau knew well, as he had absorbed his expertise from his parents.

  • 1984 La production dans l'année 1980

With its keen nose for anticipating key markets, the JEAN ROUTHIAU company started up a Confit Meats business, rapidly becoming a specialist.

  • 1988 La contruction du P1

The business grew, together with the tonnage (21 metric tons per year at the time). In response to this growth, the company built a second production site of 1,500 m² at Saint-Fulgent for its Confit Products.

Jean Routhiau's butchers extended their skills by developing the Stuffed Meats business.

  • 1993 Plats cuisinés

The Jean Routhiau company turned to out-of-home (OOH) catering, and developed its Ready Meal business.

Two years later, further expansion led it to acquire another production site in Saint-Fulgent.

  • 1998 farcis

Twenty years after its creation, Jean Routhiau extended its expertise to the intermediate foodstuffs market and frozen food distribution circuits, providing products for a new clientele.

  • 2001Finesse

This saw the start of the Carpaccio business, which made Jean Routhiau a trailblazer in this range. It remains a benchmark for the entire trade, thanks to its patented production procedure.

  • 2008 2058 carpaccio cocktail hd

Tendance Créative was cretaed: a company that developed a line of Appetisers, Starters and Desserts, with a range of tasty, nostalgic childhood dishes.

For example, the Brioche Perdue (French toast) made the brand a reference with its patented manufacturing process, followed by the highly popular chocolate mousse.

  • 2012 

6518 Mogette Vendée hd-minSimplement Végétal made its appearance, developing a range of cooked vegetables and fruits to complement the expertise of Jean Routhiau and Tendance Créative.

The Routhiau Group was formed by the union of these three entities, all driven by a single passion: to share a taste for good things, and relish the pleasure of cooking for others.

  • 2017

Today, the Routhiau Group is a family concern consisting of three IFS-certified entities (Jean Routhiau, Tendance Créative and Simplement Végétal).

These three independent and complementary firms have a total workforce of 350 divided between four production units, all located in the Vendée region (France), with a total surface area of 25,600 m². The group's total annual volume of manufactured products is 8,200 metric tons.  

                                        Jean routhiau  P2  tendances créatives  simplement vegetal       

  • Between now and 2018

Between now and 2018, the Routhiau Group has set itself a goal - to be perceived by its customers as the top specialist in each of its business lines:

  • Jean Routhiau in meat products;
  • Tendance Créative in appetisers and desserts
  • Simplement Végétal in cooked fruits and vegetables.